UC IPM provides audiences with quality research and outreach products tied closely to new technologies and joined by long-standing interpersonal relationships in the field–all of which contribute to the success and effectiveness of the program.

To sustain this level of professionalism and to meet the ever-changing needs of clients within the state, the UC IPM Program must continue to advance its organizational capacity to develop, disseminate, and evaluate IPM information. The Program’s structure, human resources, and mechanisms for communication and collaboration require careful monitoring and measured improvement over time.

This strategic goal identifies key objectives and actions that will ensure UC IPM streamlines its ability to deliver science-based outreach and educational materials to a large and highly diverse audience throughout the state.

Intended Outcomes
OBJECTIVE 5A. Streamline and focus processes to update UC IPM outreach and educational materials.
Develop online mechanism for UC ANR stakeholders to provide request for product needs. Communications Director
  • Work request form developed
UC IPM Pest Management Guidelines (PMGs):
  • Combine similar content together when appropriate, based on input from the Crop Leadership Team.
  • Engage non-ANR people in contribution process for updates and reviews.
  • Develop and communicate process for timely reviews and updates.
  • Focus on keeping the PMG pesticide recommendations up to date.
Agricultural Associate Director, Communications Associate Director, Content Development Supervisor, OPIC Coordinator, working with Crop Leadership Team (PMG Coordinator, IPM Facilitator, Crop Team Leader, Discipline Leader)
  • Combined PMG disciplines or crops (when possible)
  • Roles and responsibilities for the Crop Teams (including both leadership and authors) documented and communicated
  • Various review processes documented and communicated to authors and reviewers
  • Identification of when new labels are released and when products drop off and contact experts including crop and team leaders regarding efficacy against target organisms
  • Pesticide recommendations up to date annually
  • Develop a matrix with a scoring system showing each crop, each pest and disease, and level of concern, etc. through collaboration with Crop Team Leaders. Utilize archival system as needed.
Proposed Agricultural Coordinator1. Communications Associate Director, PMG Advisory Committee
  • PMG prioritization criteria developed
Improve efficiency to keep pesticide information current in UC IPM materials. Communications Associate Director
  • Content management system developed (to be used for all content including pesticides)
  • Simplify peer-review process to make it faster and be more responsive.
UC IPM Director, Communications Associate Director, and Content Development Supervisor
  • Regular communication with CSIT Director of Publishing and Production
  • Staffing for PMG Coordinator stabilized
Pest Notes:
  • Determine which titles need to be updated, created, and archived based on new prioritization criteria, and develop succession plan for authors.
  • Engage non-ANR people in contribution process for updates and reviews, especially when internal expertise is lacking.
Urban IPM Team (includes Technical Editor, ANR Associate Editor for Urban IPM, Urban IPM Advisors, Urban Educator)
  • Guidelines for implementation developed
Prioritize the development of outreach and education materials for emerging, invasive species. Associate Directors (Agricultural, Urban, Natural Resources) partnering with internal stakeholders and regulatory agencies
  • Improved UC IPM exotic and invasive portal
Utilize Analytics information in prioritization. Communications Associate Director working with IT Production Supervisor, proposed Agricultural Coordinator1, and Urban Educator
  • Analytics reports used regularly to inform the product development prioritization process
1The Agricultural Coordinator position is currently a new proposed position
OBJECTIVE 5B. Develop evaluation plan for UC IPM outreach and education materials and trainings.
Develop an online mechanism to evaluate UC IPM online products and web pages. Communications Associate Director, Associate Directors, PSEP Coordinator
  • Surveys conducted
Solicit input from UC IPM CE Advisors regarding what they hear/know regarding UC IPM products use during annual planning meeting break-out group. UC IPM Advisor Coordinator working with planning meeting committee
  • Information from UC IPM CE Advisors compiled and analyzed
Continue to use Analytics to understand how products are being used. Communications Associate Director working with IT Production Supervisor, proposed Agricultural Coordinator, and Urban Educator
  • Analytics metrics reviewed regularly to inform the product development prioritization process
Explore partnering with UC ANR Evaluation Specialist(s) and/or external experts to develop evaluation plan for IPM adoption. UC IPM Director
  • Evaluation plan for IPM adoption
  • Evaluation of IPM adoption
Improve communication of IPM impact through the annual reporting and other publications. Communications Associate Director
  • Focused reporting tool developed and utilized
  • Enhanced annual reporting information from UC IPM Advisors
OBJECTIVE 5C. Improve accessibility of graphics/photos for UC usage.
Make system easier to submit and get downloadable high resolution graphics/photos for UC ANR staff. Communications Associate Director
  • Simpler online forms with clear instructions in new UC IPM portal on the UC ANR Portal developed
Make the process of permissions more visible. Photo Librarian
  • Guidelines developed and approved by UC ANR Contracts and Business Services and CSIT
Explore providing access to UC ANR personnel to UC IPM photo and illustrations database. Communications Associate Director
  • Capacity needed for this project identified

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