Partnerships and strategic alliances can help UC IPM be more effective and successful. These partnerships can be informal, such as using the expertise of a colleague, professional organization or government agency to strengthen our own capacities and effectiveness. Alternatively, these partnerships can be more formal to help deliver and adopt IPM programs.

Potential partners include organizations that interact with front-line ecosystem managers. These organizations, such as government and local agencies, commodity and grower groups, retail garden centers in urban areas, UC statewide programs, and professional associations, are well positioned to provide IPM information to target audiences. These partnerships can provide good results with relatively low initial efforts.

This strategic goal identifies key objectives and actions that will enable UC IPM to build new and strengthen existing partnerships and collaborations to ensure a continued commitment to advancing the field of IPM research and education.

Intended Outcomes
OBJECTIVE 3A. Sustain and expand efforts to participate in stakeholder organizations to exchange information and network.
Participate in department symposia and other organizations’ conferences. UC IPM Director working UC IPM CE Advisors and Affiliated CE Advisors
  • Number of UC IPM presentations at campus events
  • UC IPM participation in relevant meetings (e.g. IR4 priority setting, APLU National IPM Coordinating Committee Meeting, NIFA Pests Meeting, International IPM Symposium, Regional IPM Centers Meetings)
  • UC IPM booth included at selective pest management conferences once per year
Actively participate in professional associations and regulatory agencies (such as CDPR, water boards, CAPCA crop committees, AAIE, NRCS, Pesticide Applicators Professional Association (PAPA), PCOC, SPCB) UC IPM Director working with Urban Associate Director, Agricultural Associate Director, PSEP Coordinator, UC IPM CE Advisors, and, as appropriate, Affiliated CE Advisors
  • UC IPM staff serving as ad hoc/ex officio members
  • Number of instances UC academics include announcements about IPM resources in their presentations at professional associations and regulatory agencies meetings
Expand efforts to reach urban IPM clientele (such as public works agencies, landscape management organizations) Urban Associate Director
  • UC IPM staff serving as ad hoc/ex officio members on urban IPM clientele advisory committees, workgroups, task forces, etc.
Reach out to UC Master Gardener programs that do not currently utilize UC IPM to train new volunteers on IPM concepts. Enhance communication with counties where UC Master Gardener programs do not exist to inform them of UC IPM resources. Urban Associate Director
  • Standardized IPM message for new Master Gardener trainees
  • Number of presentations in Master Gardener programs
  • UCCE staff in counties without Master Gardener programs increased awareness of UC IPM resources available (i.e. Quick Tips and other materials)
Develop materials that could be easily used in stakeholder outreach (such as newsletters, trade magazines, and blogs or other social media outlets). Communications Associate Directors
  • At least twelve short, relevant IPM related articles that are included in stakeholder extension outreach per year
Explore developing IPM performance metrics for sustainable farming initiative groups. UC IPM Director
  • Decision made on feasibility of developing performance metrics
Identify other groups’ training programs (such as Green Gardener, CCNPro, CNPS Horticulture Program, PAPA, etc.) where UC IPM can be beneficial. Agricultural and Urban Associate Directors, PSEP Coordinator
  • UC IPM materials provided to other’s groups training programs
OBJECTIVE 3B. Develop a succession plan for key relationships to maintain continuity of these relationships.
Respond to the gaps created by upcoming retirements in order to maintain relevancy. UC IPM Director
  • Short and long-term gaps identified
  • Regular communication with UC ANR leadership to update them on needs and gap impacts
  • New position proposals to address program gaps submitted to UC ANR leadership
Communicate succession plan to stakeholders and be aware of their plans. UC IPM Director
  • Stakeholder awareness of and support for the succession plan
  • Explore stakeholder investment opportunities to fill gaps

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