Home and Landscape: IPM for UC Master Gardeners


Kiosk Specifications

What are the dimensions and how much does the kiosk weigh?

  • The unit measures about 2 x 2 x 2 ft (including the printer) and is designed to be a tabletop display. It is roughly the size of a desktop computer.
  • Weight is approximately 30 pounds without the carrying case.
  • The kiosk and its components are transported in a very large plastic bin that fits in the back seat of most standard size vehicles, or the back or trucks and SUVs.

What is needed to run and display the kiosk?

  • Electricity is needed.
  • We provide a 4-outlet, 50-ft extension cord, printer paper, and an attractive sign.
  • The user will need to provide a table or other suitable platform to display the kiosk.

Responsibility & Transport

Who can borrow a kiosk? How do we get one? Who is responsible for transporting it?

  • UCCE county offices and UC Master Gardeners can borrow a kiosk for events, fairs, shows, or for placement in local retail business, libraries, museums, etc.
  • See "Borrowing a kiosk" above to request one for your county.
  • After a reservation is made, the county requesting to use the kiosk is responsible for transporting it to and from its current location.
  • If a non-UC entity wants to use a kiosk, the local UCCE staff or MG volunteers still need to deliver and pick up the kiosk for liability reasons.

Does the kiosk need to be staffed at all times by a Master Gardener?

  • No. The kiosk was designed to be a stand-alone resource to help answer questions when no one is around.
  • The kiosk is a great tool to supplement MG outreach activities. MG programs often use the kiosk and its photos and content to help diagnose pest problems or to verify a pest.

Who is liable for the kiosk?

  • If the kiosk is used at a UCCE or Master Gardener function where volunteers or staff will be present (e.g. County fairs, plant sales, other outreach events), the liability waiver form does not need to be submitted.

Other Information

What other things should I consider when finding a location for the kiosk?

  • The kiosk must be placed in locations where it will not get wet and where it can be locked up at night.
  • Indoor or shady locations are best; glare from direct sunlight makes viewing the screen difficult to impossible.
  • To ensure maximum use, place the kiosk in high-traffic locations where the public can see it and are free to walk up and start touching it.
  • When using the kiosk at MG-sponsored events or at retail stores, make sure all volunteers and store employees are familiar with how the kiosk works and are comfortable using it. The more comfortable users are with the kiosk, the more likely they will be to use it, making your effort to borrow and transport the kiosk worthwhile.

Can we purchase our own kiosk and how much does one cost?

  • Kiosks are currently not available for purchase.
  • If you are interested in more details about the creation of the IPM kiosks, please contact Karey Windbiel-Rojas or Scott Parker.