Katt Fontecha returns to UC Davis

UI/UX Designer and Production Coordinator Kathreen Fontecha left UC IPM in December to pursue teaching opportunities at UC Davis and Northwestern University. She will be teaching courses in UI/UX, web design, and visual communications.

Since joining IPM in 2017, Fontecha contributed to UC IPM’s web, digital, and print products, most notably the website refresh. She ensured a consistent, tested overall look and feel and user experience of the UC IPM website and digital products. Fontecha participated in project in-takes to produce wireframes and mockups for clientele as well as creating final HTML and CSS prototypes. She coordinated and ensured that UC IPM content was efficiently published to the website.

“Since day one with UC IPM, I felt like I was a part of a family. It’s been a privilege working with a group so dedicated and passionate about their work. I’m leaving with a lot of memories and I wish you all the best.” —Kathreen Fontecha