Thank you to Steven Swain

Steven Swain
Steven Swain

After more than 8 years (since 2007), UCCE Environmental Horticulture Advisor Steven Swain has stepped down as an affiliated IPM advisor where he provided urban and natural resources IPM expertise.

"I really enjoyed my time working with the IPM staff. The editors and support personnel are a joy to work with." —Steven Swain

Swain works with UC Master Gardeners to assess garden and irrigation system use; his Bay friendly garden walks continue to save more than 23 million gallons of water. His work on invasive pests include managing sudden oak death on landscape plantings and the identification of several new insects and diseases where he works in the northern part of the Central Coast. He authored many articles for UC IPM's Retail Nursery and Garden Center IPM News and Green Bulletin newsletters. Swain is also an author of the Sudden Oak Death, California Oakworm, and Poison Hemlock Pest Notes.

UCCE advisors who work in pest management are invited by the director to affiliate with UC IPM to broaden the Program's support and outreach network throughout California. UC IPM has one affiliated specialist, three permanently affiliated advisors and three affiliated advisors on 5-year terms.