SPOT Awards


Cheryl Reynolds, Christina Adamson, Shannah Whithaus, Karen Beverlin, Maria Alfaro, Chinh Lam and Fernanda Rosa received ANR’s On The Spot Award for their hard word and dedication to doing a great job.

Reynolds received the award for her willingness to do what needs to get done, asking the right questions, and completing projects before deadlines. Adamson works hard to ensure IPM has a positive environment and created the "buggy awards", ensuring peer-to-peer recognition of hard work being done every day at UC IPM. Whithaus is recognized for her national and local expertise in study material development. Beverlin was extremely helpful and efficient in her work to coordinate the Pest Notes publication series. Alfaro was awarded for her extra work successfully setting up more pesticide safety trainings than expected this year with a cheerful and positive attitude. Lam has turned his unit into a productive team, working together efficiently and with a can-do attitude to accomplish new and exciting technological outreach products. Rosa voluntarily took on additional duties and projects as a result of recent position vacancies to ensure that deadlines were meet.