Agriculture: Pomegranate Pest Management Guidelines

Most Effective Treatment Timings For Key Diseases

Note: Not all indicated timings may be necessary for disease control.

Disease Dormant Early bloom Mid-bloom Late bloom Preharvest Postharvest
Alternaria fruit rot (black heart) +1 + +
Gray mold (Botrytis fruit rot) ND ND ND +2 +++
Rating:  +++ = most effective, ++ = moderately effective, + = inconsistently effective, ---- = ineffective, and ND= no data.
1 Pomegranates have a long protracted bloom, thus apply when conditions are favorable for disease (i.e., wet conditions).
2Preharvest treatments are highly variable in efficacy due to difficulty in fungicide coverage into the fruit "crown".

Acknowledgment: Adaskaveg et al., 2017. Efficacy and Timing of Fungicides, Bactericides, and Biologicals for Deciduous Tree Fruit, Nut, Strawberry, and Vine Crops. (PDF)

Text Updated: 12/18