Agriculture: Pistachio Pest Management Guidelines


This year-round IPM program covers the major pests of pistachios in California.

About Postharvest

What should you be doing at this time?

Carry out postharvest sanitation activities:

Monitor for mealybugs.

  • Look for sooty mold on leaves and mealybugs within the clusters.
  • Once leaves fall, check tree trunks.
  • Note infested trees for monitoring next season.

Survey weeds and keep records (PDF). Manage weeds according to the Pistachio Pest Management Guidelines.

Look for vertebrates and their damage and manage if needed:

  • Ground squirrels
  • Jackrabbits
  • Meadow voles
  • Pocket gophers

During the fourth week in October for 1- to 6-year-old trees, consider applying zinc sulfate to induce defoliation (prevents winter frost damage) and enhance zinc nutrient levels for spring growth.

Text Updated: 10/14