Agriculture: Pistachio Pest Management Guidelines


This year-round IPM program covers the major pests of pistachios in California.

About Harvest

What should you be doing at this time?

Expedite the harvest of problematic orchards infested with Alternaria late blight and navel orangeworm. If harvest is delayed or a second shake is planned, consider a treatment for navel orangeworm to reduce damage as well as the incidence of aflatoxin according to the Pistachio Pest Management Guidelines.

Clean and wash harvest equipment before moving it to uninfested orchards to avoid spreading mealybugs.

Evaluate current year's pest management program using the processing plant grade sheet to prepare for next year's program.

Monitor the orchard for:

  • Alternaria late blight lesions (on foliage) and Botryosphaeria panicle and shoot blight. Note the severity of infected trees for next year's management.
  • Cotton aphid (on first-year newly-budded trees). Manage if needed according to the Pistachio Pest Management Guidelines.

Hull and dry nuts within 24 hours of harvest to reduce incidence of postharvest disease.

Text Updated: 10/14