Agriculture: Kiwifruit Pest Management Guidelines

Most Effective Treatment Timings for Key Diseases in Kiwifruit

Note: Not all indicated timings may be necessary for disease control.

Disease Bud break Full bloom Preharvest Interval 1 Postharvest
14 day 7 day 1 day
Botrytis Fruit Rot 0 1 to 22 2 2 3 3
Rating: 3 = most effective, 2 = moderately effective, 1 = least effective, 0 = ineffective
1 Apply as needed. A predictive model BOTMON is available using ONFIT methods for disease detection.
2 Apply only if rain is forcasted.

Acknowledgment: Adaskaveg et al., 2022. Fungicides, Bactericides, Biocontrols, and Natural Products for Deciduous Tree Fruit and Nut, Citrus, Strawberry, and Vine Crops in California. (PDF)

Text Updated: 03/22