Agriculture: Kiwifruit Pest Management Guidelines

Fungicide Efficacy for Kiwifruit Diseases

Fungicide Resistance risk (FRAC group number)1 Botrytis Fruit Rot
BioSpectra/CeraFruta*** medium (48) 3
Scholar*** high (12) 4
Oso medium (19) 4
Vangard2 high (9)3 4
Rating: 5 = excellent and consistent, 4 = good and reliable, 3 = moderate and variable, 2 = limited and/or erratic,
1 = minimal and often ineffective, 0 = ineffective, NL = not on label, and ND = no data.
 ***  For postharvest use only.
1 Group numbers are assigned by the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) according to different modes of actions. Fungicides with a different group number are suitable to alternate in a resistance management program. In California, make no more than one application of fungicides with mode-of-action group numbers 9 and 19, before rotating to a fungicide with a different mode-of-action group number.

Acknowledgment: Adaskaveget al., 2022. Fungicides, Bactericides, Biocontrols, and Natural Products for Deciduous Tree Fruit and Nut, Citrus, Strawberry, and Vine Crops in California. (PDF)

Text Updated: 03/22