Agriculture: Grape Pest Management Guidelines


This year-round program section covers the major pests of wine and raisin grapes grown in California. For table grapes, see the TABLE GRAPE YEAR-ROUND IPM PROGRAM.

About Harvest

What should you be doing during this time?

Be aware that high populations of adult leafhoppers may interfere with hand harvesting.

Monitor for grape, obscure, and vine mealybugs.

  • Look for cluster infestations and mark on map.
  • Educate harvest crew to flag cluster infestations of vine mealybug for treatment.
  • Treat vine mealybug if needed according to Pest Management Guidelines.

If you have vine mealybug, steam sanitize equipment before moving to an uninfested area of the vineyard.

For Pierce’s disease flag vines with symptoms for removal. Also for virus symptoms. Mark vines for spring monitoring/removal depending on incidence.

If necessary, continue managing birds with netting or scare devices.

Treat for Botrytis prior to any anticipated rain.

Sample soil and roots for nematodes; look at roots for galls and phylloxera.

Monitor for glassy-winged sharpshooter. Check traps weekly and keep records (example monitoring form PDF).

Text Updated: 07/15