Agriculture: Grape Pest Management Guidelines


This year-round program section covers the major pests of table grapes grown in California. For wine and raisin grapes, see WINE AND RAISIN GRAPE YEAR-ROUND PROGRAM.

About Harvest

  • San Joaquin Valley, late June to early November; Coachella Valley, mid-May to early July
  • Mitigate pesticide effects on air and water quality.

What should you be doing during this time?

Check fruit at harvest to assess the effectiveness of the current year's IPM program and to determine the needs of next year's program. Note blocks in the vineyard that had problems.

Check sticky traps for glassy-winged sharpshooter. Keep records (example monitoring form PDF).

If necessary, continue managing birds with netting or scare devices.

Continue monitoring for for vine mealybug on fruit and foliage; educate harvest crews to recognize infestations and to report if found.

Text Updated: 07/15