Agriculture: Grape Pest Management Guidelines

Pheromone Traps

Deploy pheromone traps in vineyards to monitor the flights of omnivorous leafroller or orange tortrix (coastal areas).

General Guidelines for Using Pheromone Traps

  • Place traps in each vineyard for which you need to make pest management decisions, using at least 2 traps per block.
  • Distribute traps uniformly through the vineyard. Use the same trap locations each year. Place additional traps in hot spots.
  • Hang traps in the shade inside the vines and at least 15 vines from the end of the rows.
  • Check traps twice a week until the biofix is established; thereafter, check traps weekly.
  • Remove trapped insects from the trap bottom after you count and record the trap catch on the pheromone trap and degree-day monitoring form (example form—PDF)·
  • Replace trap bottoms monthly or when they become covered with debris.
  • Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for replacing pheromone lures. Store lures in a refrigerator or freezer.

When To Put Out Traps

Pest Where and when to set traps Biofix
Omnivorous leafroller Central Valley and other warm inland valley vineyards—just before budbreak First night moths are caught consistently in traps
Orange tortrix Coastal regions—late December When low catches are observed between late January through early February and again in early June

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Text Updated: 07/15