Agriculture: Dry Beans Pest Management Guidelines

Registered Herbicides and Their Use Timings in Specific Dry Bean Types in California

Common bean (kidney, pink, etc.), Phaseolus vulgaris Lima (baby, large) P. lunatus Blackeye (cowpea) Vigna unguiculata Garbanzo (chickpea) Cicer arietinum
Fallow ground or preformed beds before planting
2,4-D amine (Weedar 64) X X X X
carfentrazone (Shark EW) X X X X
dicamba (Banvel) X X X X
glyphosate (Roundup) X X X X
oxyfluorfen (Goal 2XL) X X X X
paraquat (Gramoxone SL 2.0) X X X X
Preplant - mechanically incorporated
EPTC (Eptam 7E) X      
ethalfluralin (Sonalan) X X X  
metribuzin (Metribuzin)       X
pendimethalin (Prowl H2O) X X X X
s-metolachlor (Dual Magnum) X X X X
trifluralin (Treflan) X X X X
After planting - before crop and weed emergence
flumioxazin (Chateau SW) X X X X
metribuzin (Metribuzin)       X
oxyfluorfen (Goal)       X
After planting - after crop and weed emergence
bentazon (Basagran) X X    
carfentrazone (Shark EW) hooded row middles X X X X
halosulfuron (Sandea) directed spray X X X X
clethodim (Select Max) X X X X
fluazifop (Fusilade DX) X X   X
sethoxydim (Poast) X X X X
Lay-by before weed emergence
EPTC (Eptam 7E) X      
Pre-harvest aid desiccant
sodium chlorate (Defol 5) X X X X
carfentrazone (Shark EW) X X X X
flumioxazin (Chateau SW) X X X X
glyphosate (WeatherMax Roundup) X X X X
X = registered label use
Read and follow all labeling directions carefully before using any pesticide. Refer to herbicide treatment table for additional information.
Text Updated: 11/18