Agriculture: Cherry Pest Management Guidelines

Preharvest Through Harvest

This year-round IPM program covers the major pests of cherry in California.

About Preharvest through harvest: fruit coloring through harvest (May–June)

What should you be doing during this time?

Treat for brown rot, Botrytis fruit rot, or powdery mildew if preharvest conditions indicate a need.

Examine trees and fruit for X-disease (cherry buckskin) symptoms.

  • Mark any infected trees (plan to remove them after a postharvest leafhopper spray).

Continue to monitor mites by watching "hot spots" and examining water sprouts for developing infestations.

Begin looking for birds and start deterrent management practices before they begin to feed.

Sample fruit at harvest to determine the effectiveness of your pest management program.

Other pests you may see:

Text Updated: 03/13